3 Ways to Stay Fit This Winter Season

As the season of sweater weather and Pumpkin Spice Lattes slowly approaches, one can't help but fall victim to the case of winter blahs.   We all know the drill.   Bikini season is in our distant future, and those complementary morning donuts are within reach. Blame it on the cold weather or the freedom to wear baggy clothes - people find themselves packing on the pounds during wintertime. To beat the gain this winter season, we've compiled a list of three simple steps that can incorporate more calorie burning activities into your daily routine- no matter how hectic your schedule!


1.  Baby Steps

Something as simple as taking the stairs to your office or apartment floor is an effective way to sneak some high intensity cardio leg workout into your day.  It requires a small time commitment but can have some powerful results!  Ignite those quads to build toned, swimsuit ready legs by using the world as your stair-climbing machine.  Pro tip: work your way up to climbing two steps at once and gradually restrict resting time between each rep.


2.  Walk it Out

If the weather permits it, opt to walk places you usually drive to.  Otherwise, increase indoor walking within your office or home by avoiding shortcuts (therefore increasing walking distances).  Choosing to communicate with colleges in person increases the need to physically walk around the office and strengthens interpersonal relationships with your colleagues.  Technology allows you to keep track of how many steps you take per day (fore example, the iPhone Health app), so monitoring your progress is a breeze.  


3.  Make the Gym Come to You

You don't need to spend a fortune on gym memberships!  Thanks to the Internet, a home workout is just a click away- and there are plenty of products to choose from that are tailored to your desired target areas.  For those on a budget, there is a myriad of free videos and blogs that outline simple exercises that you can do at home with or without weights!  Plenty of exercises require no weights and simply use the weight of your body- so you can truly do them anywhere.  

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